Example Towers

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Marketed by [Customer Agency Here] , Example Towers is the highly acclaimed and is a mixed development by Trans Pacific Pacific Example Corporation located at a prestigous location. This new launch development has a freehold tenure and is proposed to consist of a single 76-storey high tower with a total of 550 commercial and  residential units. This development will have an large 8 major commercial sections  and a residential component.


The Commercial Plaza

The  1st five floor of the building are commercial and will be featured in the launch with department stores, F&B Outlets a cinema chain and retail stores as well as an ice skating rink to serve all the dining and entertainment needs of the residents and without leaving the building.


The Medical Plaza

The Medical Plaza of will be take the north-eastern section freehold building to provide its patients with luxurious and state of the art medical facilities. And for easy access the Medical Plaza for patients, will have a separate entrance and lobby to ease the access to the building.


The Residential Section

The residential component can be found on the eastern and southern section and will range from 1 bedroom studio apartments to 5 bedroom double story penthouses, which are help suite singles or a large family.

For investors,  this property is perfect with its freehold tenure is lock in potential long terms gains with a central location and act as a holiday home.

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