Quick Start


Focus on the Business, get a website in 24 hours

Focus on the business and get it your website operational in 24 hours, why focus on technical and infrastructure, that does not contribute to your business ?

3 Steps to get started

  1. Pick a Ready-to-go Template
  2. Pick the Option
  3. Complete the Order

Step 1 Pick a Ready-To-Go Template

We lots of good looking templates then, but here are the most frequently bought
Here is the list by type

  1. One Page Theme
    1. This Theme is great for Corporate uses, Legal, Art and Portfolio where there is a low amount of content at the start, and it needs to be built up over time. It features an instant beautiful web presence to wow your customers.
    2. An example of this is our website. Click to View
  2. Blog & Magazine Themes
    1. This theme is great for websites that are content heavy eg Bloggers, News Sites, Media and Entertainment.
    2. An example of this is our food and health website. Click to View
  3. Online Store Theme
    1. This theme is great for instant online stores, to get a presence online.
  4. Real Estate Theme
    1. As the title says, its focused on real estate. For real estate agents who want to market a single property or list many properties.
  5. Portfolio Themes
    1. For the graphics artist, this is perfect place to list your work, show case your work around the world and get noticed.
  6. Services Themes
    1. Need a theme for your services business ? This could be the perfect theme for you.
    2. A perfect example here. Click to View

Step 2 Pick the Options

Pick an Option to operate and maintain your site.

  1. Web Site & Office Administrator
    1. We become part of your team to maintain and update the content, so that you can focus on running the business and not worrying IT stuff.
  2. Events & Appointment Booking
    1. Online Event Booking and Appointments, just became easy.
  3. Forum
    1. Need a Forum, No Problem, we got you covered.
  4. Multiple Languages
    1. We support multiple languages up to 173 languages including klingon.

Step 3 Complete the Order